Life with a prosthetic hip

Momina Hart/ August 31, 2019/ General Article

Hip replacement is a method where an artificial hip is implanted by removing the painful hip in your body. The hip replacement surgery is done mostly when all other measures cease to work. As they say, life does not come with a guarantee, neither the prosthetic implants. But the hip replacement has a high success rate. The new joint outlasts your lifespan in most of the cases. Ideally, it has a longevity of approximately 15-20 years. In spite of several positive reviews and satisfied patients, there are many apprehensions regarding life after surgery. People have many questions about the experiences they might have in various situations given an artificial hip.

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  • How long the prosthetic hip lasts?

The life of a prosthetic hip is usually long enough to outlive yours. However, many factors affect the future of the implant. Accidents, infections, fractures, and overall health deterioration can influence the potential life of the replaced hip. Major factors which determine the longevity of the artificial hip are:

  • Surgeon skills
  • Implants track record
  • Care of the implant and your health
  • Respecting the limitations of life with prosthetic
  • Bodyweight and activity level
  • Can I have a metallic allergy?

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